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Road to Success with Lean Operations and Continue Improvements

  Productivity & Quality Management Solutions (PQMS) will identify road blocks, create
  resolutions, implement improvements, and gain productivity and quality within a short
  period of time with small investment.
  Discovering the production/quality bottlenecks, providing analysis through accurate and
  measured data collection, prioritizing work plans, and developing precise planning models
  and quality systems are just some of the services we can provide.
  The road to improvement never ends; the measurable results of your ongoing lean
  manufacturing efforts will help to strengthen the relationship between your company and
  its clients.
  Right One Services will team with you to enhance manufacturing processes and optimize
  planning/quality systems therefore reducing cost, passing quality assurance certification,
  gaining market shares in the manufacturing and high-tech related industries.

Right One Services Expertise:

  Develop quality assurance and manufacturing planning systems per QS-9000,
         ISO/TS-16949, MIL-Q-9858A and MIL-I-45208A.
  Reduce operating cost and improve quality of product with application of lean
         manufacturing, line balancing and time study techniques.
  Introduce outsourcing partners and provide total solutions services for product
         transfer and quality assurance certification.
  Serve as focal points/liaison agents between customers and suppliers to resolve
         any contract, engineering and quality issues.
  Refine the business model and image of the company to line up with customer
         requirements and supply chain management systems.
  Promote and identify joint venture and technology collaboration opportunities
         between US/Europe and Asia-Pacific Companies.